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yeah, we had a little snow like right outside our house, but we don't see any ice yet. but i guess it's going to get worse. >> that snow and rain is turning to ice. what will it mean for your morning commute? hello everybody, i'm bruce johnson, thanks for joining us tonight. ice is forming over most of the washington area. it's the last and most dangerous phase of the current winter storm. fairfax and loudon counties are among the school districts that will be closed tomorrow. the complete list is on the bottom of your screen.
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let's get an update on what you can expect for the remainder of tonight and all the important monday-morning commutes. let's go to chief meteorologist topper shutt. hi topper. >> bruce, you're right. the morning commute will be a real mess north and west of town. it should not be that bad. but we want you to see the false sense of security here and the first area of the precipitation is pretty much moving on through now clearing the metro area. not seeing anything showing up around town or the beltway, but we're left with the freezing drizzle. here is the next batch of the precipitation that is going to race in here tonight. but i think that it will produce the the heavy freezing rain north and west of town. montgomery county, fairfax county, certainly frederick county and loudon county. just a little mix over the bay and indianapolis and also the county. so now temperatures, 27 to 31. north and west of town tonight. icing is tonight north and west and the morning commute will be icy north and west, even as close in as rockville and bethesda and your morning
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commute will be just wet if you are south of d.c. or east of i- 95 and just a wet commute for them. it will be slow no doubt, but not as dangerous as the commute to the north and the west and temperatures, still 27 in rockville and ashburn. this is what concerns me. these temperatures are out, still in the mid-20s. we're going to add the heavier rain to that and we'll come back and tell you how much ice will be accumulated for them today and you might want to take the time to go outside and shake off the branches and the trees as you don't want the ice on top of that, which is that will break them . >> thanks, topper. the weather has grounded or delayed a lot of flights. at reagan national, there's a ground stoppage, which means all flights that are leaving and arriving, they have been stopped until 5:30 this evening. at dulles it appears that the international flights were taking off, but many domestic flights have been grounded. now, joining us by phone is the washington airport authority. kimberly, what's the very latest? let's begin with national airport. what's goi on out there? >> yes. i see weather conditions
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persistent for them both reagan national and dulles international airport. just causing airlines to delay and/or cancel many flights out this evening. but as always when we are facing inclimate weather, we ask passengers to check their airlines before departing for an airport. if they happen to be at the airport and they see that their flight is canceled, we ask that they work with their airlines to rebook, reschedule their flight. because many airlines, they have instituted liberal rebooking policies because of the weather. >> kimberly, can you give us an idea of what percentage the flights are being canceled or delayed, do you know? >> we don't have a specific percentage, but we're seeing the significant cancellation this evening at both dulles international and reagan national airway as well as u.s. airways. >> all right, kimberly gibbs with the info. again call ahead of time before heading out to the airport.
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our team coverage now continues for montgomery county where scott broom has been checking out the roads for what your morning commute will look like. he's in rockville. scott? >> reporter: bruce, i'm joining you from the front seat of my mobile newsroom in my in-car cameras. spending the day wandering around the area, finding people dealing with the weather. but mostly worrying about what is going to happen tonight and tomorrow morning. he used the last light of this snowy sunday. >> trying to get ready for tomorrow. and to give them a shovel before they will start getting icy. >> do you think that you're getting out tomorrow? >> i hope so. >> reporter: and here in gaithersburg, heavily loaded salt spraying trucks ran the convoys on frederick road and a slushy road that covered the treated lanes. but the side streets are snow packed. and it is here tomorrow morning where a layer of ice will be on top of this to make it impossible to get safely out of the driveway in the morning. much less to the main road. even so the die hard shoppers
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found that the late forest mall will open up. >> it's the best time since no one is out. >> with the holiday dollars on the line. it's a quick effort to clear the snow. >> you're sports fishing is what you're doing? >> exactly and the snow. hardcore. but at the presbyterian church, families made the most of what today's weather brought. >> a lot of snow for them and so far it is slippery and icy and everything. >> reporter: but there are hundreds of incidents on the roads. and the overnight ice will be promising more hazards to come. all right bruce, we're back live now looking at the lockdown dash cam on my mobile newsroom. and as i'm driving here in gaithersburg, assault trucks have just showed up as you can see the ice pack and the snow pack streets are here on the side streets. that's going to be the key in the areas that will get that ice overnight. now, how much salt they could lay down and how quickly. reporting live from my mobile newsroom, bruce, back to you. >> okay, thanks a lot for that.
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across the river, vdot has been treating the roads there. they have 800 crews in northern virginia, clearing highways, secondary roads and residential streets. now, surae chinn has the look at the conditions. >> conditions have worsened throughout the afternoon. katherine nicholas was heading in this direction going south on fairfax county parkway in sterling when she lost control, spun out of control, hitting the median and into a tree. >> i guess ice was underneath me. i tried to get control of the car and it totally spun out. so i tried to turn the car away so that we weren't going straight into the tree. it's kind of shaking. it is scary. >> reporter: while katherine tried avoiding the tree and the median on fairfax county parkway in sterling, she crashed right into it. >> you basically did a 360 here? >> yeah, i did. >> reporter: on neighborhood roads, we found kids playing in the snow. and residents sweeping snow off their cars. >> reporter: are you concerned about the roads? >> yes. i hope they're clear.
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>> reporter: this man is hoping to get that accomplished in northern virginia. how busy are you guys? >> very, very busy. very busy, but we have everything under control. >> reporter: and drivers, they were busy getting errands done. >> yeah, i just bought two more christmas presents. >> i thought it would be a little low, so i wanted to come out before it got worse. >> i'm ready for the storm. always ready for the storm. >> i did have a round of golf scheduled for us this morning, so this is not sitting well with me. >> reporter: so no golf, but you come to the grocery store? >> yes, i had to come and spend some money, yes, i had to do something with my time. >> reporter: some are doing the smart thing. >> i'm going to get some gas to get into work tomorrow and then i'm going to go home and watch football. >> reporter: while the others came to the same conclusion the hard way. >> probably won't be coming back out today. >> reporter: in fairfax county, surae chinn, wusa9. >> and many of you have been seeing -- staying at home avoiding the roads, which is a good thing. one of the busiest areas is staying in maryland at fedex
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field as fans, they began leaving before the beatdown by kansas city ended. but they are live for us outside the fedex field right now. how is the post-game traffic? >> reporter: bruce it has died down in the last hour. but we are still talking about tens of thousands of fans still out here and all at the same time and on the pretty wet messy road conditions and all at once and all things considered, it was not too bad on out here. there were kills to climb and the pedestrians to dodge. but it was a pretty smooth ride. not to say it was perfect, but there were some accidents as people, they did manage to get their cars stuck. take gregory marshall of fairfax. he was trying to take his car across the field to go to the game when he slipped into the ditch and couldn't get his car out. >> just as i pulled into the
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brakes, it slid down. >> and they have a brand new tires for them. all four new tires on the car. and all muddy and full of mud right now. we were out here trying to get them started. like okay, you know, it's almost 1:00. let's go and watch the game. >> you might regret having done that. the roads right now, more wet than anything right now in prince george's county. but if you will be out here, you need to show the action. >> thank you for that fairfax and the county schools and many other districts to the west, which will be closed tomorrow. we are waiting word for the others. they have not reported in about closing the delays for them on monday and the federal government, they needed to declare the leave as early as tonight. and many schools, they are typically alerting us between 4:00 to 5:00 in the morning, which is why the -- which is why they will start tomorrow at 4:00 in the morning. and you saw fedex field
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today. 45-10, a big loss to kansas city. dave owens is standing by live. dave, what are they saying about the latest defeat? >> reporter: i'll tell you what, bruce. it was awful. i mean, the catastrophe on out here at fedex field. i would never accuse the team or the man accused of being acquitted that they might have thrown in that towel already and getting rid of the season. they have their evidence here today. he said that the 49ers loss on monday night football a couple weeks ago was embarrassing, but this thing on out here on the wet ins city field. whoa, it was bad. we'll take a look at the video, which it was not pretty to watch them today. i understand that the weather was bad and footing was not ideal. but the chiefs, they couldn't care less. they were stuck on their three- game losing streak as they wanted no part of the competition for them, shredding washington, especially on the teams for them and the kick returns. he was a one-return man
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wrecking crew. he was gunning for the return yard for themselves and that the tackling effort by the redskins, it was a great performance for them like this to bring to mind a lot of word. but the hope, it's not one of them. >> we cannot keep going on out there or getting it right and to come up here to say that we need to get it right and at the end of the day, things need to change. and they did not play very well. that this is more so for them and even more that they will need to step up to make the plays. i was upset. everybody needs to be accountable for them. >> especially all the time they needed to put in for them and to go out here to find a way to get a win. >> reporter: you hear them,
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bruce? that's never good when you are listening to the sound bytes. well it's shaky as we'll talk about that more coming up next in sports. for now back to you in the studio. >> if it is shaky for them, it will be shaky for their son. we've got a lot of questions for you, hopefully. we're back in a moment. stayyñ m.
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the iconic world figure was remembered in church services across the country today. at one service the south african president said that the country must not forget the value that mandela leaves behind. >> when i say we pray for the nation, it's that we should pray for us not to forget some of the values that he stood for. and that he fought for and he set aside his life for. >> reporter: the president and mrs. obama along with the former president george w. bush will all attend the memorial service for nelson mandela on tuesday. wusa9 will be covering a week of tributes to nelson mandela, both here and in south africa. i'm derek mcginty along with wusa9 photographer kevin king. we're checking in here at dulles international airport, headed to johannesburg, south africa, to bring you a series
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of reports leading up to the funeral for nelson mandela. the heart of south africa. we'll see you there. >> derek and kevin, already in the air for that long flight. i think it's about 17 hours to south africa. watch for their report starting on tuesday on wusa9 and when we come back, topper has the newest information on th
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the district is now under a winter storm warning. but the threat, it's really freezing rain. snow is over and fleet over as well. temperatures, 27-31, north and west tonight. major icing is possible for them overnight north and west. but as close to the district as maybe bethesda or rockville or maybe mcclain and reston.
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the morning commute will be icy and wet. and it will be east of i-95 and south and it will be wet and slow, but it will be just wet. but the problem will be north and west of town in terms of ice. okay, now, frederick, maryland, 4-7 inches today. gaithersburg with an inch. winchester at 6 inches and romney at five and half inches. more totals are posted on our website at, but we are done with snow. and a live look outside, it's the live michael and son weather cam. it's the national airport. airports, they're open. as they have big time delays. and the dew point is 27 for them. and northeast at 9 and the freezing drizzle is being reported at the airport. and the first batch is pretty much on through it. and the heavy freezing rain, especially north and west.
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and in winchester, it will be a big time icing event. i'm a little concerned about that. now n is why i'm concern -- now, this is why i'm in ashburn, so you add rain to that, it will be freezing up quickly. and that will be the major icing and wet. and especially out in loudon county and montgomery county. and they will be reporting before all said and done for them on the three-day outlook, rain and snow showers on tuesday. and it should be a driving problem on tuesday. and then on wednesday, it will be just cold with temperatures in the upper 30s. next seven days, it will be staying cold there for a while midweek. temperatures, they need to rebound just a little bit next weekend, going back in the 40s with a slight chance of rain and showers as you need to get into next weekend for them on
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saturday. and it will be cold rain. stepped outside, it's just freezing drizzle right now and some slush, but you do not want to be taken into a false sense of the freezing rain coming in overnight. ñzçzçzç m.
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hi everybody, this field is a mosh pit behind me after three hours of football. two people were out there, but only one was playing football. they wanted to go home the minute they needed to take a look at it, it's an ugly day here at fedex field and the winter wonderland for them. and boy, he was walking over washington with their legs, deep into the redskins territory. and they're up 10-love. now, rg3 is struggling against the receiver. now, derek johnson says if you're going to stare them down, thank you, i'll take the
6:56 pm
40 yards on the pick with a couple plays later. look at the awful tackling. shedding two defenders for them rolling up 38 points in the first half as we talked about how bad the special teams were. while he'll need to do it again for the 74-yard punt return for the touchdown and the embarrassing loss. now, things, they were bad before that report here. servicing mike shanahan, saying he did not agree with the way that he handled rg3 last season, saying they gave them too much power. but after the game. he was addressing that report. >> it's not the right time or place for them to talk about my relationship with snyder. and it's not the right time or place that you need to talk about something that happened just a year ago. that i would get a chance for them on the end of the season for them. and what direction they will need to go there for them and to keep up at the proper time.
6:57 pm
>> but that report also saying that they were ready to walk away for the end of the season. wow, we'll have much more coming later on game on overtime. guys, back to you in the studio. >> good as day. now, let me ask you. is he going to be here after the season? probably not. but i will keep you one more year. >> it will be interesting with some rumors out there that it might be it for them. tonight, it might be it for them and the rumors that were there. >> they sound like a guy that they don't plan to be there much longer. but we'll update your weather and the story. thanks for watching. bye. [ male announcer ] give yourself the ultimate holiday gift!
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> simon: tonight, you will not hear from world leaders about the greatness of nelson mandela, but from the people closest to him-- from the people who called him by his clan name, "madiba." what they saw and admired more than anything else was his power of forgiveness, how he forgave the people who had stolen his life from him. you will see him tonight not as nelson the man who liberated a nation, but as madiba-- father, husband, cellmate, friend. >> you know, most people of my

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